About Us


“Sztain Lewen” was born out of a deeply rooted connection and evolving passion for contemporary design, architecture, and fashion. Founded in 2020 by designer and entrepreneur Shiri Schreiber, the labels’ name stems from her family roots and carry personal significance. Lewensztain is her Mother’s maiden name stemming from Polish origin. “Sztain” translates to Stone, and “Lewen”- a Lioness. Schreiber, a Leo herself and the lioness behind the brand, had experimented early on in her design career with sewing crystal glass gemstones onto garments - a passion that years later evolved into an avid desire to create her own independent label. Now these signature gemstones embellish the garments in label’s first capsule collection, dedicated to strong female figures. In this way, gems are the cornerstones of the labels’ evolution, and the name Sztain Lewen manifests this union.

The label’s aesthetic draws inspiration from physical structures and geometrical shapes, gemology, functionality and the female figure as muse. Experimenting with fabric combinations and textures, innovative silhouettes and colors, and hand- sewn gemstone embellishments, the garments mirror the brand’s perspective towards its designs – timeless, unique, and feminine.
Each individual piece imparts its own personal statement.

Designed and crafted in Tel Aviv using high- quality fabrics and materials, with an emphasis on impeccable fit and attention to detail, the brand is committed to sustainable, eco-friendly production to mitigate the impact on our planet.

The label’s first capsule collection showcases the distinctive narrative of the brand through modern tailoring, understated pieces meant to transcend seasons, defined by hints of subtle geometrical shapes and asymmetric silhouettes, with a sleek & minimalist attitude, yet soft and feminine spirit.


Designer and entrepreneur Shiri Schreiber knitted the very base for her design career while pursuing her academic degree in Interior Design, majoring in Green Construction Engineering, and later continuing to pursue an MBA focusing on real estate. Today Shiri lives where she creates her designs: Tel Aviv, Israel.

“My passion for aesthetics characterizes me from a very young age, and geometry and space have always fascinated me. At the same time I was always looking for added value in everything that I do and so I turned to Green Construction Engineering with the understanding that aesthetics alone lack purpose and meaning to me. I always look for the human experience within design; its value, functionality, distinctiveness and uniqueness. In my evolution as a designer, I realized that designers and architects are not business- oriented, and so I felt that something was missing. I was thirsty for more knowledge that would help me advance, develop and express myself, which led me to pursue a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Designers are often asked what their design style is, or what stream they belong to. I don’t believe I have a single definitive style, and I am very reluctant to frame myself in this way. I am drawn to designs that are not defined by time, and ones that will always be relevant; hence, I strive to design with one main principle in mind: timelessness.

In interior design as in fashion design, I aspire to create with the philosophy that a good design is here to stay; whether it be a space, a structure or an item of clothing. Ultimately, I want the women I design for to feel unique and confident, and for them to enjoy wearing these garments as much as I enjoy designing them."


sztain lewen | Luxury Fashion & Independent Fashion Designer